What To Wear On An Outdoor Family Photoshoot

What To Wear On An Outdoor Family Photoshoot

The look and feel of your photos can often be dictated by the clothes you wear. Dressing for your outdoor family photoshoot can often raise lots of questions, so I have created some helpful tips to guide you through what to wear on a outdoor family photoshoot.

Colour Palette to Match the Season

Consider colours that compliment the season. They will give a lovely look and feel to your photos and provide a classic feel to your pictures. I recommend you choose 2-3 colours and then mix and match your outfits.

Family Outdoor Photoshoot

Consider Layers

The weather this time of year can be unpredictable, so consider wearing an outfit to keep you warm. Using layers can not only keep you warm and cosy but can add variety and texture to your outfit. I recommend using things like hats and scarves, which can be added and removed depending on the scene.

Family Outdoor Photoshoot

Keep It Classic

Patterns and fashionable clothes tend to date badly and detract from the subject matter. Consider classic clothing.  White can look beautifully simple and fresh especially teamed up with a contrasting colour, for example a white top and a plain denim jeans. Avoid  accessories as it can distract from the subject matter. Keeping it simple works best.  

Family Outdoor Photoshoot

Your portraits are meant to be enjoyed not only on the day but for generations to come. If you are unsure of something – just bring it along and we can always try it.

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If you have any questions ahead of your session, please don’t hesitate to ask me. See you at your shoot!