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6 minutes together – Family photography in South West London

“All I wanted to do was to share with my father those 6 minutes together,  talking about nothing special and making jokes”

As a newborn and family photographer in South West London, I know that each family is unique in his own way. I can see it after the smiles I observe in the photoshoot during and after our session.You can feel it only being near them. You can tell how happiness is shared in their family from the smile they have when they see the photographies. But also you can see that each family has his own way in life that doesn’t mean it’s easy or full of happiness.

One of the parts that I enjoy as a family photographer in South West London, is the fact that I can see how a family grows and gets to his maturity with the same smile on their faces, because they know that no matter what happens in life, they are still going to have each other. I see babies that are a few weeks old and than I can see how they enjoy their childhood smiling to me in front of my camera.  Like this little girl who is smiling at the camera.

I have in mind a story that a friend of mine was telling me the other day. I want to share it with you. It represents for me the definition of caring and sharing moments together. It’s a small part of showing love that most parents do for us.

“In that year I was abroad for more than 10 months for the first time in my live. First time I was away for 6 months for studies, than I was home for almost 2 months and then again abroad for 6 months with my job. Time passed and somehow It been almost  one year without seeing my father.

As soon as I had a small opportunity to see my friends and family I’ve runned home to see my parents. Soon, the time had come to get back to home where my job was. It was in late of October and the weather was chilly, windy and just a ray of sun was on the sky. Somehow in the moments of solitude nature just finds it’s way to accentuate more your emotions and feelings.

My father was accompanying me to train station. We were smiling and relaxed, making jokes, talking about nothing in particular and waiting for the train I was about to take at 5: 42.  At 5:36 my father realises that I forgot my packet with the food that mom prepared for me. It wasn’t that important. I could have bought other food. But somehow what we receive from our parents when you are born is more than the material things they teach us about unconditional love, caring and how to always think about the best way to act. In more than 1 second my father was in the car driving to get me the package. Our home was close enough and he could have make it just in time. As soon as he left, all I wanted to do is to stay near him those 6 minutes. As was looking at the time, and on the road, and thinking that I lost 6 precious minutes that I could share my father.

But this time wasn’t about the food, it was about the things that we do and care for our closed ones. Exactly when the train arrived he was on the platform with the package. What we didn’t plan, and usually we don’t plan at all in life neither, is that on the platform in front of my train another train was arriving. So my father remain on the other platform, and a train was between us. And all I felt was the regret of not sharing those 6 minutes together. In life comes one time when we start to treasure all this small moments.”

I wanted to share with you this story even if it’s simple it’s about the small moments that we have to create memories to cherish and love. This is what I try to create in every photo sessions for newborns, family even if it’s  a photoshoot for family  in Earlsfield, newborn photography in Wandsworth or  another newborn photography  in Wimbledon. Those small moments that we have together are our memories that we are going to wear is our souls for ever.

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