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Emotions into frame- Newborn Photo shoots

As a photographer, my role in a newborn photoshoot is to make the family or the baby as comfortable as possible. As a mother of a young little girl I know what it means to welcome a new angel in your life and family and I understand very well the extra care and tenderness a newborn needs, that why I put all my care and tenderness to make the best for the family. My purpose is to have awesome emotional newborn photographies, as soon as the family is feeling comfortable.When you welcome a new baby in your family, you are full of worries about how to act around him, but also full of love. My focus is to put that love into frame.  When you finally have in your arms that little one that you dreamed of and expected since you were a kid, my first concern is to give you that extra care and tenderness you need in order the express the best photographies. I’ll do my best to make the baby feel comfortable and his family also.


You expected that little one ever since you were a kid and you were thinking about him. You loved him even before you knew you were expecting. In my newborn photoshoot my role is to express that pure love only a family has and make you remember the first date with your little one.  


As the person behind the camera I’m here to put all your cares, emotion and extra love into frame. I take the emotion of your newborn photoshoot and I put them into pictures that are going to last forever, those picture are going to guide you to the first moments of that emotion from the hospital room where you’ve met your special one.


My favourite part of  being a newborn photographer is the moment I found out the story each family has. Every day I’m grateful for the lesson and love I feel and learn into this experiences from newborn photo shoots.

I welcome you to discover the emotion and love from this lovely family.







The emotions are going to be the core lead of the newborn photoshoots. I start to think about the sessions as soon as I make the mothers a maternity photography collection or just phone consultation. And as soon they welcome their new ball of love into their family, I start to plan the session.


You can read more here about incredible photo shoots for newborn babies or maternity photographies and you can see when I’m available for a photoshoot on my website.  


With extra care and love,


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