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Letter for my newborn

While we were preparing for this newborn photo shoot in our studio from Earlsfield, London, I had an idea to write a letter to my baby girl. I see every day the emotions of the new parents, the love and care they have for their little baby in our newborn photo shoots. As I watched this family newborn preparing for the photo session I realized that we should capture the moment of our kids entering in our life with a letter to them future selfs, and telling them about the power they bring in our life.

Some studies have showed that mothers ( and parents)  are the most productive employees because they have the ultimate purpose of taking care of the kid, picking him up from the school and getting back to work. This is just one super power that parents receive when they have the kid in their life. Another super powers are unleashed as soon as the baby starts to arrive in our lives.

We want the best for our kids, and a life where they have all the answers and,  enjoy life almost every day and if possible a life as smooth as possible with no struggles.

As we started the newborn photoshoot I started to think what I would tell to my sweet 4 years old baby girl about life and what I wish for her. I think my letter to my newborn is valid to almost every parent who recognise his wished here.


Dear sweetheart,


As I watched your first moments in this life I was astonished by the power you send into our life. Your voice and your strength send us rays of joy and happiness. You came in this life from love and  happiness and from that moment you only gave amazing days and feelings of a world completed. You offered us the gift of enjoying life every day and also the gift of seeing life through your eyes of wandering about every beauty this world has.


I wish for you a life where you receive every day with joy and his lessons. A life when you start to question situation you pass through but also, the power to fight for your rights, wishes and dreams. But most of all I wish you love, because the first step to receive love, is to learn how to express it.

I wish you all the power you need to acquire your most dreamed desired and your most adventurous dreams.  


With every day of your existence I wish you to collect all the gifts this world has to offer: may  the beauty of a sunset near the sea give you all the calmness and inspiration you need, may the educational system you choose offer you the key asset you need to pursue a job, or the amazing nature and crystal clear water offers you the flow you need to unleash your power to the next level.


My dearest, I wish you  the peace and happiness you have now to follow you in every day of your life. And most of all, I wish you days full of joy, happiness and willingness to conquer your universe in order to become the best version of yourself.  



For my baby girl,

Mom xx


As I started to photo shoot this session I started to enjoy more and more the beauty and love that I receive from my job. I have my personal assistant my camera who is my best friend when he has to capture emotions, joy, love and happiness.  Let me show you the beauty from this newborn photoshoot.



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