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Not only a newborn photographer

Such a gorgeous little girl came for her sitting photography with her parents to my photo studio in Earlsfield. As a newborn photographer and a maternity photographer, who also passionately specialise in family photography, I noticed that there is less demand for sitters’ photography. Therefore I am always delighted whenever a client asks for this type of photo session.

Sitters are very different to work with than newborns. They are on the move, they love to explore everything around them and they don’t shy away from showing their emotions. Their facial expressions are just so honest and pure. Their curiosity, concentration and laughs are just magical. She was just that; absolute delight to work with. She is a modelling superstar. From cutest almost like a baby poses up to the wonder woman, she can master them all.

We had a brilliant time trying on several outfits. Most of the outfits were in vintage style created by Grandma’s Grace Designs. Grace’s design works well with my style. She uses very baby friendly materials and creates beautiful outfits for newborn photography but also lovely outfits and dresses for older babies. I love working with unique outfits for children, making every photo session original. That does not mean that I would not consider clients specific ideas. Just like Wonder woman outfit that parents brought for the shoot. She is just so adorable and full of joy in her little outfit. I am always open to clients’ suggestions and happy to discuss any ideas regarding the special personal touch for the photography session.

We managed to include some family photography capturing incredible love between parents and their child. These are the very important memories for parents, as we all know how quickly children grow up. But also those memories will be cherished by children and other generations to come.

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