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Sitter session in Wandsworth with Tiny toes by Aggi

Mastering sitting stage

There is this little baby girl Antosia, who absolutely melted my heart during her Sitters photo session in Wandsworth at my home photo studio in South West London.  This was the third photography sitting with the family. I love seeing how the babies are growing and meeting families again to see how the family love has just grown over the time. Just a little magic in life and Antosia is definitely a magical baby. She is just this supper squashy and huggable baby who just fills your heart with laughter and love. Just look at those beautiful big eyes and cute baby chubby cheeks!


During her baby photo shoot, Antosia was full of wonder and curiosity.  For one of the settings during her baby photo shoot, I decided to photograph her sitting on a textured single colour spread wearing only a very simple piece of hair accessories. She absolutely loved exploring the crocheted spread. She was fascinated by its texture. Perfect! Here was my opportunity to capture those so cute tiny hands and fingers delicately picking and exploring the strange soft and comfy blanket she was sitting on. Her facial expression is priceless. Just so adorable! The curiously protruding lower lip, left hand pinching imaginary object, the whole hard concentration on her face, all these and more are the little details capturing the whole thinking process of a baby. It is just amazing!

Even though most babies starting around age of 6 months can sit and are enjoying this new stage, they are still babies and love to lie on their backs. This way they can interact with people around them or just explore their feet. That is how I photographed  Antosia in another setting. She was dressed in a simple vintage outfit exposing her playful restless feet and lying on her back on a fluffy spread. She was very interested in everything going around her. This lovely little girl interacted so well and was just an absolute joy to work with.


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  1. OMG she is sooo cute! Love the photos!

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