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What should I wear for photo shoot?

What should I wear for photo shoot?

I am asked this question during every photography consultation. Clothing is a very important part of every photo shoot. Clothes can compliment or ruin any final impression. Therefore I decided to write this blog to guide you to the right choice of clothes for any photography session with Tiny Toes by Aggi.

Whether you are considering scheduling an outdoor photo shoot, a family photography, a newborn photography or a maternity photo shoot, I always advice to follow the old saying: Less is more.

Outdoor Photography/Family photo shoot

Always consider neutral, earthy colours for your outdoor session. Overly bright and fluorescent colours, big patterns and prints are overwhelming and will take focus away from people on the picture. Some delicate flowers, dots or gentle stripes can be considered. Try to aim for slightly elegant yet casual style, similar to hunting look. Country and vintage style is timeless and perfect for outdoor photography.

Try to colour coordinate your family members for the family photo shoot. Avoid matching outfits. Gone are the days when all the family would wear same coloured jeans and white or black t-shirt.

I aim to bring out natural beauty. Avoid heavy makeup and any accessories. Use layers, scarves, hats or hair bands to accessories instead. Not only they complete the end results and give variety, they are also fun and welcome distraction to work with, especially with children in photo shoots.

I understand that some children have their favourite characters and want to wear them on their clothing, but please avoid any pattern even for children. Rather bring their favourite teddy. As with adults, aim for earthy, simple, vintage look complemented with layers, textures, scarves or hats.

Try to bring two or more outfits and above mentioned accessories to create variety and richness. Lastly, do not forget to consider wearing shoes that go with your chosen outfit.

Maternity Photography

For pregnancy photography consider everyday wear. Jeans and t-shirt or blouse always works. Again, bear in mind pattern free, natural colours and looks. Apply only minimum make-up and avoid any accessories.

I also provide my own maternity outfits. With me you will always have access to variety of flawy outfits to compliment you and your precious bump.

Newborn Photography

All outfits for newborn photo shoot are provided for the baby. You just need to consider your outfits. You should wear simple casual rather than elegant outfit in natural colours. It is always good to have at least two outfits with you. You might have to change, as little digestive “accidents” sometimes happens with newborns.

Simplicity compliments and enhances emotions shown on the newborn photography. Therefore avoid any accessories and heavy make-up.

Just remember simple is best and less is more. At the end of the day the family photographs are memories of people, it is not a fashion show.

I am always happy to discuss your clothes choice over the phone. If you would prefer visual reassurance, you can always send me pictures of your outfits prior to scheduled photo shoot session and I can assist you further.

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