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Newborn in a basket photoshoot

At tinytoesbyaggi.com I try to make every newborn photoshoot unique and as nice as possible for the baby. This means that extra care is a must for our little start. Many parents that come in my studio have a lot of questions are a little stressed because they don’t know how the baby is going to react. What I tell them in each newborn photo shoot session is that I am  also a mother and I treat every baby as my own, I know they need extra care and tenderness and I start to prepare the shooting while I explain them how the newborn sessions means. I use the best soft fabrics in order to keep the baby comfortable, soft, sleepy and sweet. The temperature that I have in the studio makes it cozy and baby ready for shooting.

Newborn photo sessions in a chair

This time our star of the day stayed very comfortable in his little cod while was falling asleep. His parents were amazed by the how calm he was and by his NDA as a supermodel that he has, on such young age. I was impressed how sweet this baby was and in the different poses we captured him he was very very sweet.

Newborn photo sessions in a basket  

Our supermodel or star of the day, our baby was very sweet posing for me, and making us laugh, and time to time just saying things in his own language ,oh how sweet he is. This kind of language you only hear near a baby. Fair enough, but how about the parents? They were as sweet as the baby. Such a wonderful family!

Sweet Newborn photo sessions   

Every photo session is unique and I create the design for the newborn photoshoot based on the personal story of the family, what they like, how the baby is, what’s the atmosphere they enjoy more, how was their first date or how the story of their love is developing. Every story I hear from them I use it as a source of inspiration in order to personalize and create the best newborn photoshoot for them, as you can see in the images.


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