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“You are what you wear”

Corey Haim once said: “You are what you wear. I wear something different every day.”
I would like to challenge this quote and have your baby to wear something different throughout your newborn photography session in my home photo studio in Earlsfield.  Every baby is different and therefore every baby deserves its unique newborn photo shoot to show how amazing each baby is. Just with a little help of various textures, an assortment of colour coordination, gentle detailed accessories and soft natural light a range of tiny baby features can be captured in any baby pictures.

Not so long ago a little beauty baby Anaiya came to join me for her first professional baby pictures photo shoot. She is my perfect example on how during any newborn photograph session each outfit can enhance how cute, soft and adorable each baby is. I always try to capture baby’s facial expression whenever baby is awake. Just look at that ooh so adorable big dark eyes and her curiosity!

However, most of the newborn babies are very good sleepers. That gives me an opportunity to create some wonderful dreamy pictures. Just like she is striking her sleeping fairy-like pose. She looks just so gentle and delicate.

I know most of the babies still prefer to be gently wrapped up to feel secure. For those occasions I love using various textures of wraps in gentle colours to create very cosy so called “potato” pose. Anaiya’s crocheted wrap is complemented with just a touch of a simple hair band. The serenity on her face is just so perfect!

Some of the pictures are sometimes created with the motto “less is more” in my mind. Just like in the next couple of picture, beautiful baby girl is modelling, and clearly enjoying, soft, warm textures of an earthy coloured bonnet. Doesn’t she look just gorgeous?

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