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You Already Have Everything You Will Ever Need

Sunday morning, 11 A.M. after a few hours awake I take my time to breath for a few moments after I prepare myself for the next photoshoot near Earlsfild.  For each photoshoot that I prepare I don’t count my equipment, check the organizatoric details, I also look into the story of the next family I’m going to met, and I take a long breath to prepare myself with the good energy, positivity and the vibes that inspire me to photograph the next family in their best. I don’t prepare just  for some photographies, I prepare myself  to create the best photografies for the newborn, family that express themselves and their own uniqueness in it.

What I like most about the newborn photography is the fact that I’m the quiet witness of the next journey that is going to happen in the baby’s life and family. With the lenses of my camera I have the opportunity to photograph the future life of the baby, I can see how he’s life is going to happen and how generous life is going to picture his life events just looking at his parents attitude, his brother/sister joy and reactions, after the energy that he has or the way the baby sleeps during the photoshoot.

What we don’t realise as adults is that, in the moment we are born, we already have everything we will ever need.


The changes to get born are 1 in a million, the way how we get to life, and how life has been evolving and how all the creatures on this planet survive are a miracol. How we have the instinct to breath, feed, smile, cry, feel, or how we grow with a rainbow of emotions transforming it in a roller coaster. We receive everything we need when we are born. No matter how our situation is when we are born, or how our family take care of us, we have all the genetic material to fight against all odds, but also to enjoy life and live it on full speed.

Maybe we don’t realise but,
everything we need to start over again our life is in us
everything you need to take that decision is in you, you just need to listen to your heart
everything you need to improve the life for your family is in you
everything you need to spend more time with your kids is in you
everything you need to make your dreams come true is in you

All I need for my newborn photographies sessions, for my family photo sessions is in me. Of course my camera helps me, the time spent learning and developing my passions is a good investment, but all I need to create a unique photo sessions for a newborn is in my desire to make for each family I meet the first best memory that they cherish forever.

Look at her, she has everything she needs.

Look at her big brother, he has everything he needs, his smile says everything.

We have everything we need to live each day with that breath that feeds us with joy, energy, passion and inspiration to live our life fully. All the rest is just noise.

Thank you for reading a part of my heart.

For family photographies photo sessions, for newborn photoshoots that are made with passion for the emotions that makes us live fully, you can book a photo session here.

With love,


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