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Earlsfield Mother and Child Photoshoots: The Importance of Being Present

I’d like to tackle a tricky issue today, so bear with me. When I speak to parents who want to book a photo session for their young children, often they are horrified at the thought of being in any of the images, “Oh no! Not me, just pictures of my child please” they exclaim, particularly if it’s a newborn session where mum has only recently recovered from childbirth.

Mama, we need to change this mindset. You are perfect just as you are, in this moment. Just as much as you will cherish the photos of your precious baby captured forever in time, they will one day cherish the same photo, a memento of a time long ago.

Perhaps you don’t get as much beauty sleep as you did 5 years ago and leaving the house in a nice outfit without it meeting Weetabix or jam is a challenge. But what is important is that you are in those photos; you are present; and you are allowing yourself to document this moment in time for your child to look back on.

With this in mind, you can imagine how thrilled I was to do this mother and child photoshoot in my Earlsfield studio. Not just one, or two, but THREE generations for me to photograph. It was such a pleasure! A beautiful family, warm and kind, coming together to create a photo that I am sure will be treasured by all three of them for many years to come.

Aren’t they stunning?!

Are you overdue a mother and child photoshoot? When did you last have a proper photo taken of you and your child? One which wasn’t taken using the ‘selfie’ mode on your camera or even taken on your phone at all? Get in touch with me today to reserve a session at my Earlsfield studio, or to arrange an on-location shoot in greater South and Southwest London. You won’t regret it.

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