“Your first breath took ours away…”

First off, congratulations! Now that you are pregnant, you might be going over your head researching and educating yourself about all aspects of your pregnancy as well as preparing yourself for life with a newborn. Newborn photography has become increasingly popular, mainly due to it being a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Capturing your newborn’s teeny tiny details that will change in a blink of an eye is an investment that you will treasure forever. If you’re thinking of booking a newborn photoshoot, read on.


Simply because it’s one of the most beautiful ways of preserving these very fresh and fleeting moments for your baby and your family.


The best time to have your session is between the 2nd and 3rd week after giving birth. Unlike other photographers, I prefer giving you as much time as possible to recover and for your baby to be more comfortable meeting me for the first time!

At this stage, newborns are still happy to sleep longer and love being curled up in womb-like poses. As a new mum, I understand that you may hesitate about photographing your little one so soon after giving birth. However, by working with a professional like myself, your baby will be in the safest hands possible. We will only use poses that are comfortable for the little bundle of joy and ensure we take regular breaks. 


You will receive a beautiful gallery of baby and family portraits preserving the freshness of this special time before it fades away. Your portraits will stay with you for generations.




Where do I find you?

Our studio is located at 583 Garratt Lane, London SW18 4S.

When should I book my newborn shoot?<br />

Newborn sessions are best booked as early as possible, preferably around your second scan. Having your due date in mind, we will work out a provisional date and pencil this in our diary. Babies are unpredictable so don’t worry about your baby coming early or later. We will ask you to get in touch once you’re back home from the hospital and then confirm if the date still works or reschedule if not. 

Please, remember that while some last-minute slots are also available on an ad-hoc basis, we cannot always guarantee you a last-minute slot. We recommend always booking in advance and securing your deposit. 

How do I book my newborn session?<br />

We will work around your schedule to ensure we find the most suitable slot. You can book by ringing us on 07915 156372 or by sending a message via the Contact page. 

How to prepare for my newborn shoot?<br />

We pretty much supply everything you might need for the shoot. We suggest dressing up the way you want to, but try to avoid prints and patterns as these can be quite distracting. Wear comfortable clothes. 

For the baby, you can bring personal items like little toys. Your session will likely last around 2-3 hours. If you use formula, it’s a good idea to bring an additional bottle of milk with you. 

When would my photos be ready?<br />

2-3 weeks after the session. But we will try to have them ready after 2 weeks. We will arrange a viewing appointment – either at the studio or via Zoom. You will then have your photos on same day, ready to take home.

Can my partner and children join the shoot?

Yes, there are no additional costs involved in having your family there with you for the shoot (a family dog is also welcome!).

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