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The circle of love story

The circle of love story

We welcome live in a full circle. We are are born on a round planet were the Sun, another circle makes us happy and improves our mood, it’s  scientifically proven that our beloved sun improves our level of happiness. My camera’s “eye”, as I like to call it,  is round. Our hearts and arms make a full circle when we hug our loved ones. We have round signs as a part of the roads, and our cooking stuff are round too. We start our day and end it in a circle, our dogs like to cover us with their leash in a funny circle of love. My photo sessions even if there are in Wandsworth, Earlsfield are also build in a circle.

New moms – new circle of love

When they found out that there are expecting, new moms want to have, as a part of their journey,  a stop in my studio for a maternity photoshoot. They also come later when the baby is born for a newborn photo sessions and even later with the brother or sister as a bigger family.

I mentioned the circle of love because that was the feeling I had when I was photographing the new family. The bigger brother was showing a lot of love for his little sister/brother, covering her/him with a circle of love, a hug that you only feel from your siblings.  As you grow up with one extra friend for your adventure you’ll discover later in life that you already have that special one to share your happiness with. You have your partner for the play, for doing the homeworks or for telling him about your first crush. You have a full circle of love and support in your journey.

As I’m continuing my photo shooting I’m more surprised about the love and care this little one has for his amazing gift he received. A sister or a brother or even a cousin are those special friends that cover your life circle and make it funnier and a happier places. I’m grateful for the joy that I have every day for photographing my amazing people that are crossing my studio. My work wouldn’t be the same without the amazing stories that my families are showing me each day.

A circle of love story were all the love they have it’s notable in each photography I take.

As a Earlsfield Family Photographer I feel that I’m in the circle of love even based on my position, because I can easily cover more places and photographing more families.

I can discover other families stories from the whole of South West London and I can create also  photo sessions in my studio based in Earlsfield, located as an easy distance of Wimbledon, Wandsworth, Balham, Putney and so so close to Clapham Common.

I wish you a lot of circles of love each day.

For memories that last forever that are worthed to put in a frame you can contact me here.




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