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Peek-a-boo with newborn photographer

An enchanting newborn baby girl came to play a peek-a-boo with me, Aggie, a newborn photographer, in my home photo studio in Earlsfield. It was absolute pleasure to work with this beautiful adorable baby girl on her first ever photo shoot.



She was asleep for most of the newborn photography session, which gave me a wonderful opportunity to try various accessories and poses. For me as a newborn photographer, subtle contrasts within the pictures play vital role. In the case of this little baby girl we mainly worked with light soft colours in order to capture contrast between her beautiful dark hair and her soft complexions.


The subdued contrast can be created not only with colours but also with textures. I opted to use a bit darker colours for the variety for the potato wrap pose. To soften the final image I used long fibre fluffy background. Together with the flowery hair band in the same colours as the potato wrap, the final expression is of a beautiful flower bud starting to bloom. There is this magical anticipation of what this beautiful flower will blossom into.

To enhance and soften contrast at the same time in the baby pictures, I love to use vintage baby vests and other vintage outfits. Their texture and fine deco simply reminds us of how delicate and precious newborns are. The tiniest details of their soft skin with their adorable wrinkles, puffy cheeks, button like noses, tiny toes and hands with their so unbelievably perfect nails, and their cute lips always telling different story, all of these details and more are perfectly contrasting reminders of why we love our newborns so much. Even though they sleep most of the time, we could still spend hours just observing and taking in all those details.

During this newborn photography session I was very lucky because this adorable baby girl decided to have a little peek on the hullabaloo around her. She is just so serine, content and knowledgeable while observing the world around her. And who knows, maybe one day she will become a newborn photographer herself too. Only future will tell.

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