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Our present life in family photographies

One of the best decisions I’ve made in life is to follow my vocation for arts, picture and photography. This fulfils my soul and heart and I  see  each day as an another opportunity to paint emotions and put them into frame. The way that I’ve chosen to fulfill my love for people and arts is made by that special moment when I put  my camera and I start to shoot families, newborn, and kids of all ages.

I follow each parent emotions during the photoshoot I realize once again how important the present moment is. Our babies grow up so fast! The photoshoots that I create as a family photographer in Wandsworth, Wimbledon, or South West London, are a memory of the present moment that the parents will cherish forever.

The youngest age for a baby that I photographed was from his mother tummy until 2 weeks old, or a little more. They are adorable, fall asleep during our shooting, while parents watch them very attentively. As a parent you could even start to count the breaths your baby has during one sleep, watch him while is sleeping and never get enough of our love.

Our present moment runs so quickly that I’m glad I have the opportunity to create that special moment for parents and for the future adults that now are babies, the moment that they are going to remember and think over the years on it. Photographies that show those little babies are cherished and loved from the moment they are born. Photographies that they are going to look over the years and don’t believe that they were so small in those pictures.

As our kids start to discover the world day by day is in our care to be responsible for our present moment and try to be conscious about it. When they look at us with wonder, we should look at them with patience and the love for the present moment. They are never going to be as lovely or as annoying as in the present moment, but we are going to love them for ever.

My way of looking at the present moment, starts with looking on what I see around me. Usually is my office. In one corner of my home I have a space that is customize based on my current needs, cables, cameras objectives, filters, big umbrella lights, wide angle lens, colored background, fabric in different shapes and smooth materials:  cashmere, silk, cotton. In the left corner of my desk there’s a small toy of my little baby who is visiting me all the time and in another corner there’s a mug with the name of “family photographer Wimbledon ” In the right  side of my office there’s the wall covered in pictures from my photoshoots. My favourite photographs remind me, of our pure and simply life. I have pictures with the family before the newborn appeared in their life, with the newborn photoshoot and with the grown up kid that lies in the arms of his mother after some years. The framed pictures of my work as a newborn photographer reminds me how important the present moment is.

Every time when I look at my present moment, I look at it, aiming for the future while looking in the past. It helps me to feel the present moment and to create for the future. I use emotions from the past as an inspiration for the future.

We plan our life based on the past, looking and breathing in the present with a keen eye on the future.

Hope you liked my story.

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