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Totally in the dreamland…

“Babies are a bit of stardust blown from the hand of God” – I would not take it seriously until I saw this cute little sleeping angel. Like seriously I could not but fell in love with this cutie pie while shooting for the Newborn photography at Wimbledon at my own home studio. You won’t believe until you see, how mildly this cutie was smiling and s/ he was totally in her/ his dreamland. S/ he was looking sooo damn cute that I could barely wake her up for dress up and stuffs. I mean, why would s/ he need it anyway? Her/ his sleepy little face is enough to create some pieces of awesome photography.

Like seriously! Look at that face. Isn’t it picture perfect? So “AWWW” face you can hardly resist yourself to touch that cheek. Literally, my heart melted for this angel.

You know what an amazing thing the parents told me? “A baby is a part of your body you carry for 9 months in your womb, almost 3 years in your arms and in your heart till your last breath”, said the parents. That sentence is one of the most amazing lines I have ever heard. So I had to give them the memory of this cute little sunshine – exactly what they needed to keep in their heart.

This little dreamer was dreaming his/ her wonderland in the dream. So I thought, why not to give his/ her dream an actual shape?

So I came up with this flower crown – the crown for the cute little prince/ princess of his/ her own Wonderland. Hail new Prince/ Princess of the very elite kingdom, The Wonderland. Fancy! Isn’t it?


As a newborn photographer in Wimbledon, I feel myself a lucky person you know? Because maybe I will not be in any part of their memory. But I created the very first memory of their little angel for them that they will save it for the rest of their life.

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  1. I’m always a sucker for babies and lace together! And I love that bonnet! Where is it from?

  2. Oh goodness!! Such a sweet little girl! Such lovely images

  3. omg!! what a perfect baby <3 amazing newborn photographer!

  4. These are beautiful and those cheeks!!!!!

  5. So adorable!

  6. I die for those baby rolls!! Very sweet images!

  7. Look at her squishy face ? Awwww! Your work is fantastic. I always say the days are long, but the years are short ❤️

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