If you’re pregnant, you might be thinking of booking a maternity or pregnancy photoshoot. Having worked as a professional maternity photographer in the South West of London for over 10 years, I understand how exciting but also nerve-wracking this experience can be – from finding the right photographer, choosing the right style, all the way to getting your photographs delivered! 

Luckily, thanks to a decade of experience, I have plenty of tips and tricks to help you and ensure you get exactly what you want (and more) from your shoot. So, grab a nice warm cuppa and read on!

Studio Maternity Photo Shoot

If you’re thinking of booking a shoot in our studio, one of the first things to consider is the style of the shootStudio photography varies greatly between photographers as each has got their own style, equipment, and experience.

Here at Tiny Toes Photography, we aim to book you in for a pre-shoot consultation in order to go over the variety of posing styles and themes. Pick anything from Bohemian style, through subtle Fine Art posing to Life-style inspired shots, we will help you find something that suits you perfectly or agree on a combination of different styles. 

Together, we will go through my portfolio and discuss things like style, colour scheme, posing and retouching. You will be able to browse through our beautiful selection of maternity dresses and accessories and make sure to choose an outfit that matches your desired style.

Each photoshoot is tailored to our client’s own taste. However, I know that sometimes you are not sure what to expect. So don’t worry if during our initial conversation you’re not sure what photography style resonates with you the most. 

We will guide you and offer advice, but most importantly, we can arrange a photoshoot that incorporates different styles, so that you don’t miss out on certain portraits you might want. After all, the photos from your session will be something to treasure for many years to come, it’s only natural to have high expectations! 

Looking for some studio maternity photoshoot inspiration? See below:

Lifestyle Maternity Studio Session

The lifestyle session is always filled with the emotions perfectly displayed and captured in a beautiful keepsake. We make use of natural light and practice minimal posting allowing for a more naturally flowing session. The photographs from this session make great black& white portraits.

Tiny Toes By Aggi | Newborn Maternity and Family Photography

Fashion Maternity Studio Session

This style will give you crispy-looking photographs with a timeless look. You will feel like a goddess, dressed in our luxurious silk fabrics. This is one of the most popular type of maternity shoots and our client’s favourite!

Tiny Toes By Aggi | Newborn Maternity and Family Photography

(Semi-)Nude Maternity Studio Session

For the bravest of you, this is my personal favourite. Fully or partly nude maternity portraits are always tastefully done. It requires a lot of knowledge and experience to create a presentable quality photograph, but once achieved these photographs make for the most precious part of the client’s gallery. Putting the beauty of the pregnant body in a spotlight, highlighting femininity in a perfectly subtle and sophisticated way!



Outdoor Maternity Session

Outdoor lovers and for those of you who don’t want to be confined to a studio environment, this is the session for you! Nature can provide context to the photography and can be the greatest backdrop for an outdoor maternity session. The serenity of vast open spaces, sense of abundance in blooming life and sheer profoundness of tall trees, it’s merely a glimpse of what nature can offer in terms of highlighting emotions.

South West London in particular is incredibly abundant in excellent locations perfect for maternity outdoor photo sessions. Whether you live near Tooting, Clapham or Richmond, there are ample locations a professional portrait photographer can use to capture the most exceptional maternity photos for their clients. Amongst my favourite places are Kew Gardens, full of unquestionable charm and blooming life.

Many of my clients would love to book an outdoor maternity session, however, at the same time, they don’t want to miss out on portraits in beautiful maternity gowns, so characteristic for studio sessions. I totally understand that and quite frankly, why would you compromise on something so special and important! When booking your maternity session at Tiny Toes Photography by Aggi, you don’t have to sacrifice one shot over another, I am happy to provide a pre-agreed selection of gowns and dresses to your outdoor session and the way we go about it is I prepare a little secluded nook for your to get changed comfortably.

So how can you impact the way your maternity photoshoot will turn out? Well first of all research your photographer’s work well, save some of your favourite photos and send them over to your photographer. It will help them determine the best workflow for your photo session and create those stunning images you want so dearly. Secondly, make sure to communicate how you’re planning to use your photos. Whether you have a dedicated space for wall art already or just plan to create a beautiful Photo Book for you and your baby, it will all affect the composition, colour palette, posing and even cropping of your photographs.

Make sure you come to your session happy and relaxed! This day is all about and your photographer will work their best to make you feel pampered and at ease to photograph you at your very best! Even if you’re a little hesitant and shy at the beginning, you should feel comfortable after just a few minutes with your photographer and posing will come naturally, as if you’ve done it hundreds of times. And if you booked a professional and experienced photographer, you can rest assured you’ll still feel like a million dollars weeks after your photo session!

To find out more about our maternity photo sessions or to book an appointment, please get in touch. Send us an email at [email protected] or give me a call on +44 (0)7915 156 372 and we will check availability for your chosen date.