Maternity fashion. What sort of images spring to mind when you read those two little words? Stretchy waistband jeans and nursing bras? Maybe the classic maternity Breton top? Whatever “maternity fashion” looks like to you, I can almost guarantee it isn’t sweetheart necklines and fine french lace – and that’s where you’re missing out! 

Let’s face it; there are good days and bad days during pregnancy. Most days, it’s a struggle just to get dressed, let alone dip your toe into high fashion, but that’s precisely what this week’s client did for her glamorous, fashion-inspired maternity photoshoot. Armed with an array of stunning garments, she arrived at my Earlsfield photography studio ready for business. As you’ll see from the final images, the session resulted in some spectacular shots that are the perfect inspiration for any expecting mamas.

Glamorous Maternity Photography 
It doesn’t get much more perfect than a maternity photoshoot when it comes to embracing your body and celebrating your shape. In particular, a session involving glamour and fashion is perfect for capturing the female form and giving a luxury element to your photo memories. 

In my most recent session, I was fortunate enough to work with an incredibly chic mama-to-be who wanted to bring her love of fashion into her maternity photography session. As you can see from these photos, the clothing you choose can significantly impact the feel of the final image. 

From delicate lace to frills and rigid ruffles, well-chosen items of clothing made for a dramatic, high-fashion maternity shoot that wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of Vogue. And while it, of course, helps to be as effortlessly stunning as the mama in question, I think you’ll agree that it’s her confidence and glow which radiates the strongest from these pictures.  

I particularly love the choice of black and white fabrics here, as they create contrast without stealing attention away from the main focus, the woman herself. The shape of these outfits also works spectacularly well, accentuating her bump without trying to hide her curves, all while adding texture through the varying stiffness and softness of the fabric. Don’t be afraid to show your beautiful figure, ladies!

I only wish this style of maternity photography was as prevalent when I was pregnant! I’d have loved to have an elegant photo of my bump and I sitting proudly on my dresser, reminding me every day how fabulous I am at every size and shape! 

Why Have A Maternity Photoshoot?
So often, during pregnancy, we don’t fully appreciate the beauty of our growing body. We see the tight waistband, the aching boobs, the stretch marks. Our attention is taken up by the negatives and worries over whether we’ll “bounce back” to our pre-pregnancy shape. Pregnancy is all-consuming when you’re in the middle of it but so quickly becomes a distant memory once the baby arrives. In fact, when I talk to new mothers during my newborn photography sessions, they often say how much they regret avoiding the camera while they were pregnant. 

Just standing in front of the mirror is hard enough for many of us, let alone in front of a photographer! But having a maternity photo shoot is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and is genuinely something you’ll be thankful for in the months, years and decades to come. 

How Far Along Should You Be For Maternity Pictures?
I recommend that my clients book their maternity photography session between 30 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, you have a full, round shape to your belly and are still comfortable enough to make the most of your session. Of course, if you’ve left it to the last minute, I may still be able to help! Get in touch to discuss availability for maternity photoshoots.

How To Prepare For A Maternity Photoshoot
While you’re entirely welcome to turn up on the day as you are, most women find that the tips below help them feel more prepared for their maternity photoshoot and give them that little added boost of confidence.

Choose clothing that makes you feel confident; the more outfits you bring, the better!

Share any ideas or particular elements you’d like incorporated into your photos.

Keep your makeup fairly neutral, so it doesn’t eclipse your natural beauty.

Book a dinner date after your session – make the most of feeling fabulous!

And perhaps most importantly of all, don’t stress! I’m here to make the session as relaxing and fun as possible, giving you direction and advice as we go. So be yourself; the rest will follow!

The Benefits Of An Indoor Maternity Shoot
I’ve held maternity photoshoots at a wide range of outdoor locations, from Kew Gardens to Chelsea and Cannizzaro park in Wimbledon, and while outdoor sessions are lovely, there are many great benefits to booking your maternity photography at my Earlsfield studio. 

The most obvious benefit is that indoor sessions aren’t dependent on sunshine, so you’ll be looking your best and have guaranteed good lighting no matter what the weather is doing outside. Most of my clients also find that they are more comfortable without the prying eyes of curious onlookers, allowing themselves to relax into the shoot. 

My Earlsfield photography studio has all the home comforts you could want, including a variety of backdrops and textiles, which we can also bring into your session.

If you’re pregnant and looking for a maternity photographer in Earlsfield, Chelsea, Kensington or greater South West London, I’d love to hear from you. So get in touch today for a no-obligation consultation.

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