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A Story with kisses from a lifestyle newborn photoshoot

As I walk every day in my studio preparing my photo sessions for newborn photoshoots I realize I’m surrounded by love and kisses each day. And this feeling is what drives me and keeps me going to develop my art. Feelings of new beginnings in the eyes of the newborn, feelings of love and protection in the eyes of the parents. Feelings of care, emotion of tenderness, extra love and extra kisses. Longs hugs for the babies, and caring them with the love that only a parent can offer.


This photoshoot was special, exactly like every photo shoot for a newborn that I have it in my studio. This time I’ve photographed the story of the kisses we receive every day in our live. We feel love and care and we grow with it. We need our extra kisses each day, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, 5 O’clock tea, or for that evening when we discover pure happiness in our life exactly as she is.  


This newborn photoshoot tells the story of the kisses in pictures to frame for the family that was kind enough to honor me to be a witness of their shared kisses.  

I’ll share with you the most important kisses that I’ve faced in my life, to honor the beauty of pure love and happiness that we receive.



The kisses from my mother when I was a kid VS the kisses that I give to my daughter now as a mother    

The kiss that is followed by a hug

The kiss that you use to sign the rest of your life when you are married just after a few seconds after you say “YES”


The kiss you receive and offer in the morning just after you wake up in your first weekend together as a family



The kisses that you offer every day to your kid



The first kiss that makes this baby love come true



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