Last year I had a great pleasure to be the centre of attention not only of my family, but also of a newborn photographer. My family wanted to capture and celebrate very strong love we have for each other, so we visited Aggie, the newborn photographer in her luxurious studio, located in Earsfield. Because at the time I was only a newborn and I dare to say a cute one too, I was chosen to try various outfits and get comfortable in the most interesting places. 

I think I mastered the angelic little sleeping pose, and then I pouted my lips and tried to blow raspberries. I wasn’t sure if the newborn photographer liked it, but I had to open my eyes and check. Click! I was caught in the action again. As much as I enjoyed all the attention, I started to wonder where everyone else was gone. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long for my big brothers to join in the fun. They wanted to be part of the family photography too. 

My big brothers are very protective and loving. Their loving hugs and gentle strokes make me feel so loved, safe and very comfortable. I must admit, I did feel a bit tired after all that commotion.  This newborn photographer was wearing me out. Please do excuse me, if I take a nap in my oldest brothers’ arms. After all, it is the most perfect place to take a snooze. I can happily sleep while my brothers are looking after me, making sure I do not get distracted in my sleep.

But that skilful newborn photographer managed to use this opportunity and dress me up in different cosy potato wraps and place me very gently and carefully in fascinating places to have a nap. Not to mention to take lots of newborn pictures. Although I must say I was not so impressed with this tin bucket setting and I pulled my cutest grumpiest face. I know that the photo setting is vintage, and it brings out my beautiful baby colour and adorable chubby cheeks, but I just wanted to go back to my family. 

My mum and my dad took me to their arms. I am so happy that they love me so much. You can just see it on their faces. My brothers joined us too, because they are loved as much as I am, and we all are a part of this amazing family. Aren’t we just made for a fantastic family photography portrait?